Word of Life Series: Be Elegant

Many of us juggle several things at once. So who has the time for elegance? If we’re lucky, we’ll barely have enough time to grab our must-have double chocolate chip frappucino each morning. But no worries! Modern elegance is all about mindset. Looking at things from a different perspective is what it’s all about. The key is to live life in a way that lets us notice the flawless beauty inside us. Here are a few glimmering ideas to get more sophistication in our lives.

Immerse ourselves in ‘optimism’. The essence of optimism enables us to pursue a more meaningful life. Each day, we should try jotting down what we’re appreciative of — no matter how big or small. Make sure to capture each given moment. Start by loving more deeply, forgiving more quickly, adopting a more nonjudgmental attitude, and speaking more positively. Let’s strike a pose and bask in our self-confidence.

Attain ‘gracefulness’. Always take the high road. Don’t be tempted to trend toward sameness. Don’t just try fitting in. But most important, don’t try to look like everyone else. Avoid giving in to someone else’s idea of style or beauty. Refrain from gossiping and never disparage others. Remember, we must notice the beauty in everyone. The only reflection we should ever see in our own mirror is the poised and dignified lady we are. Let’s tailor our self-awareness and keep our chins high.

Illuminate our inner beauty. Be ‘enamored’. Let our inner glow shine–it is radiance in the truest sense of the word. Assert our personal charm. A great way to up the charm is learning one French word a day or drink tea from a cup and saucer. Get emerged in different things, whether it’s donating books to a library, taking an art course, writing a thank you letter to a dear friend or listening to new music. Exude sentimentality. Be considerate of others. Strive for kindness. But most importantly, we should have a sense of humor about life and ourselves.

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