Word of Life Series: Be Healthy

Due to the ever increasing demands in our lives, pressures are a normal physical and psychological reaction most of us experience. Often sparked by the challenges that arise throughout the day. However, over time high levels of stress can lead to health concerns. But it’s important to not let stress impact our health, our relationships or our quality of life. Here are a few helpful suggestions to create a positive atmosphere around us.
Unclutter the ‘stress’. After we have identified the negative sources, it’s time to get empowered and become a woman of action! A take-charge management program includes plenty of positive thinking, good nutrition, physical activity. Just add a loving support system, and serene recreation. If we continue to pursue a loving environment for ourselves, we ignite our inner ‘Wonder Woman’ confidence.
Nurture our ‘spirit’. Sometimes getting in touch with our spiritual side can create a balance. Discovering our purpose and meaning in life leads to finding our true self. The opportunity to bring more happiness and harmony can get us on the path to inner peace. An improved outlook on life can lead to a more stable life, reducing the amount of tension we get. Remember, if the puzzles all fall in place then we’re more able to take on any curveballs that come our way.
Remodel the ‘cognition”. How we live and perceive our life has a profound effect on our well being. So flexing our mental muscles can keep our brains sharp. We can do so by playing chess, taking a cooking class, learning a new sport or even doing math in our head — perfect exercises to sharpen the mental skills. While these are subtle things we can do, they have the power to ease the pressure and add some healthy fun to our lives.

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