Chic DIYs: The Fine Art of Matching Paintings and Rugs

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Have you ever entered a room or a home for that matter, and been absolutely overwhelmed by the whirl of color from top to bottom? While a house should reflect the personality of its owners, there is a fine line between personality and disharmony. And we are not talking about wall colors exclusively, although they definitely are important in setting that bare canvas. Instead we are focusing on rugs and art paintings, and how choosing the right colors and patterns can create balance in a room without compromising on personal preference. Why these home decors? Color doesn’t solely depend on the color of your walls or the design of your throw pillows. Rugs and art paintings are an excellent way to set up the “wow” factor, add warmth, and showcase character to a room. To help with this task, we have shared three important tips in preparing to tackle on rugs and paintings for any lengthy renovation or a quick home DIY you have up your sleeve.

Step by Step Approach

When you are redecorating a room, think of it as a gradual process that needs planning. It is important to invest quality time in it if you want to achieve good results. Matching colors and patterns is the first step you need to take. But first decide on the centerpiece, the one that will dictate everything else. If you have a valuable painting that you must have in the room, that is your centerpiece. If you have a custom made rug for a particular room, sure enough this it will and should dictate everything else from the choice of art paintings to wall schemes. Once you’ve narrowed down your centerpiece, choosing the rest is easier.

Color Matching

There are two approaches when it comes to color matching. The first is to make sure everything is blends smoothly with each other. The second is a contrasting approach where everything highlights and deflects each other. The difference between the two approaches is obvious and easily visible.

Blending Approach : If you wish your room to have a harmonious, calming atmosphere, careful color choices are the way to go. You do this by making sure your rugs and paintings have the same background color and that other colors used in them are of analogous color scheme, meaning that they are next to each other on the color wheel. This is how you will create comfortable designs and achieve the desired color harmony you want.

Contrast Approach: The opposite is true if you’re wanting to add more drama and impact. This can be achieved by focusing on contrasting or complimentary colors. Complimentary colors are those that are opposite to each other on the color wheel, such as blue and red and black and white (although some do not regard the latter ones as colors at all). ‘”Matching rugs and paintings of complimentary colors will create a dynamic atmosphere”, says Zado, a Sydney-based top retailer of floor rugs. “But be careful not to overdo it. Minimalistic approach is the best way to go here, one or two rugs of the same color palette and one or two paintings of complimentary palette.”

Pattern Matching

Like color matching, choosing the right pattern is essential to establishing the look and feel of any room. Rugs come in various pattern schemes, from Orient inspired and pop art, to modern, computer designed 3D ones and more. Consulting specialized stores is a good way to narrow down your choices. If you are unsure which would match the art paintings you plan to display, try browsing online rug stores and compare them directly to your paintings before making a final purchase. Remember your centerpiece is your guide so everything should be cohesive to it.

As you can see, it does take effort to find and match the right type of rugs and art paintings for your room, but when you find that perfect style harmony, it will be well worth the effort.

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